ScreenArchery Wiki


The table below shows extremely useful commands for ScreenArchers.

Console command Effect
tm toogle menu + HUD
tfc 1 timestop + free camera
tfc free camera
fov <value>

Standard value = 75

FOV helps compress/expand the Field Of View of the camera. This works like some sort of zoom but on a full scenery scale. FOV is a command useful to achieve both fish-eye-like screenshots and close-ups.

sucsm <value>

Camera speed / movement units (in free camera mode)

Standard value = 10


toogles ai (every creature/NPC frozen)

(targeted or untargeted)


toogles combat

(targeted or untargeted)

additem <ItemID> adds item to target's inventory (targeted)
equipitem <ItemID>

equips item on target (targeted)

very useful to force NPCs to wear specific items

Targeted commands can be used by opening the console and clicking on the target. Alternatively the target can be referenced by its ID in front of the commans: <ID>.<command> <value>

If the player is the target, "player" can be subsituted for the ID. Example: player.additem 00013911 9

This would add 9 hide armors to the players inventory.

How to find IDs

Many IDs can be found the following way: type help followed by whatever object/person you are looking for. Example: help leather - this would return a list with all leather equipment and their IDs.